The Evolution of 3D Printing

3D printing is the process where a 3D digital model is turned into a solid object. This technology was invented back in 1980 and since then it has been used and has been evolving since then due to the need of the products from it. This technology has made possible to print things or models with different types of materials. Some of the materials include metals, metal alloys, and thermoplastic, thermoplastic composites and ceramic.

3D printers can be categorized in accordance with what they make their model from. They include:

  1. The printers that form from a photoinduced hardening of resin.
  2. Printers that prints from a semi-solid or molten form.
  3. Printers that forms things from powder granules by fusing or binding them.
  4. Lastly, printers that form things by sticking metal plastic or papers sheets together.

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How Nanotechnology Will Be Used to Make Our Life Better

Do you ever wonder how things can look when you are shrunk 10 million times? You will not just see an object you will see each and every particle that is formed from in fact you can probably see air. Now when you are shrunk into Nanoscale where don’t just see the particles or atoms that the object is made of you can even be able to change their location. Sounds awesome right? This is what Nanotechnology comprises, it makes things incredibly small scale.

This is an image on how nanotechnology can help to make life better with food nanotechnology

By looking things on a Nano scale we are able to understand how things really work by understanding and looking how particles which they are made of make them work. It can help in solving many problems we encounter daily.

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