The Future Points Towards Technology’s Rule

This is a picture of technology of the futureTechnology is the application of technical knowledge in solving enormous and intensive everyday human problems. Technology deals with the invention and fabrication of materials or equipment that can be used to easily undertake intricate and convoluted problems.

People sometimes tend to confuse technology and science but these are two broad and different subjects. Technology is a body of knowledge that utilizes and applies the knowledge of science in solving real life problems. Technology is applied science. The future points the rule of technology.

The Inevitability of Technology

Technology is almost inevitable. In virtually everything we do, we apply technology. Technology is applied in going to work (transportation), cooking, clothing, entertainment and media, telecommunication, engineering, medical, projects, and almost anything you can think of. This explains why technology is inevitable in our day to day life.

This is an image supporting future points towards technology rule

Nevertheless, technology can as well have a negative impact upon lives or properties when used wrongly. The optimistic side comes to play when technology is rightly applied but when applied wrongly, it can cause great harm and loss of lives. Take for instance an aircraft. An aircraft will do the good work of transporting hundreds to thousands of people at very high speed to their destinations. What happens if an untrained pilot is to fly the plane, well it is clearly bloodshed.

It has transformed many areas of human endeavors that include

  • Communication
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Entertainment
  • Disability Aids

In Communication

In the early 1900s information transfer was mainly by letter writing and transportation. But technology has revolutionized the communication systems making it easier to transfer information from anywhere in the world. We now have electronic mail delivery systems, fax, wireless telephone connections, and even video messaging.

In Entertainment

Technology is has transformed our entertainment industry. Before civilization entertainments were just by drama and storytelling. There were no means of recording this as it was acted. But technology led to the development of digital cameras, led television sets, projector systems, computer simulations and video gaming.

In Cloud Storage

Technology has created a means in which classified information, files, and documents of an organization or individual can be saved on the cloud. It is an intangible method of storage to guard and prevent the issues of missing files and documents. Companies like Google (Drive), Dropbox and other cloud space hosting companies utilize this technology currently.

In Medicine

Technology is widely used in medical laboratories for radiotherapy, CT scans, x-rays and many high technology solutions.


Technology is absolutely inevitable and will always sustain the future. Can you survive comfortably without these alone?

Now think about the future how technology is almost at the brink of substituting hand driven cars with self-driving cars incorporated with voice recognition and artificial intelligence. Technology actually owns the future.

Technology also has its disadvantages. Although technology is rapidly increasing, not everyone can afford it, technology is expensive. Technology can cause discomfort in situations like traffic jam or gunfire and explosions. Technology can be toxic. This is in the area of combustion of fossil fuels or nuclear wastes. It can result in loss of lives.

There are many other disadvantages of technology. Instead of focusing on the disadvantages and deny ourselves the advantages of the transformed world it is best to devise means to curb these disadvantages and forge ahead. With the right precautions and safety measures, technology is a thing to be embraced. Technology is the future.