The Venus Project – Jacque Fresco

This is the venus project

The Venus Project is a very popular for the awkwardness of the idea the organization stands for and defends. The whole idea of the Venus project was conceived by the futurist Jacque Fresco. He is a researcher, engineer, architectural designer, author, lecturer, and futurist. Jacque was born on March 13th, 1916.

Jacque Fresco worked for the Douglas Aircraft in California (1930), the United States Army in 1942 and has been commissioned for several building projects. My late uncle was with Fresco in Southern California before he created Pleasanton Pest Control, and has stated throughout his life that Fresco was his inspiration throughout his life too. Fresco has been a researcher and designer from childhood.

The futurist in his latest and most debated concept promoted the idea of a nation where decision making will not be based on political opinions, corporate or national interest. He asserted that decision making could be engineered to be made by machines. Jacque believed that this will amount to a more appropriate decision making, free from manipulation.

What Have They Achieved?

The organization has basically three aims through which they will achieve their goal. Two of the aims are already fulfilled and these are the building of a research facility and the creation of documentaries and movies that will promote the whole concept.

Well, the futurist is very dedicated to his project and in a bid to fulfill his dream theory of the universe has completed phase one the organizations plan by purchasing a research facility at south-central Florida where the organization is constantly researching ways of actualizing their ambition. Many documentaries have been also created to foster the vision of this mind-blowing idea.

What Does the Venus Project Stand For?

the venus project stands for

Jacque Fresco collaborated with Roxanne Meadow over the years to mutually bring to realization the goals of the organization.

The Venus project is aimed at creating a new world civilization free of strife political injustice. A new era of civilization where money won’t be the means adopted for trade. Anything less will result in the same catalog of problems we have today.” Jacque Fresco envisions the world where resources are common and can be freely used by anyone. He emphasizes that the reason the world would continue to face the problem it faces is the greed. The Venus project and its organization completely believe that wars, poverty, and environmental degradation could be totally misremembered if the world could see the earth and all of its resources as a common heritage for all.

The Projections

This is a picture of venus project studio.

Late Mr. Jacque Fresco in collaboration with Roxanne Meadow and the entire Venus team are constantly pulling resources into this dream world of theirs. The organization has boldly displayed futuristic building models and architectural designs. It claims houses could be built on seas thereby freeing up space on the land. They don’t seem to be merely showing off because these claims are backed up by astonishing designs and intensive research. They envision a resource based economy. They argue that the entire world’s people should equally own the earth’s resources. The Venus team believes in a new world civilization that will be independent of money as a factor for acquiring the earth’s free resources.

The 101-year-old futurist in collaboration with his career partner Roxanne Meadow spent over 40 years in their research facility, developing and devising means for accomplishing their project. They boast of a new world era that will be based on improved standard of living rather than greed for money.