How Nanotechnology Will Be Used to Make Our Life Better

Do you ever wonder how things can look when you are shrunk 10 million times? You will not just see an object you will see each and every particle that is formed from in fact you can probably see air. Now when you are shrunk into Nanoscale where don’t just see the particles or atoms that the object is made of you can even be able to change their location. Sounds awesome right? This is what Nanotechnology comprises, it makes things incredibly small scale.

This is an image on how nanotechnology can help to make life better with food nanotechnology

By looking things on a Nano scale we are able to understand how things really work by understanding and looking how particles which they are made of make them work. It can help in solving many problems we encounter daily.

The following are some of the areas nanotechnologies will be used to improve our daily life:

Application of Nanotechnology to Food

Through the study of food structure, the scientists are looking for a way of restructuring them and adding nutritional value to them. The technology which is currently used measures about 10 ╬╝m on the range of which the food is processed where it is 100 times bigger than thNanoscalele and therefore the gap between current technology and nanotechnology is big and the solution of food problems might be solved just by understanding what is between it.

The research shows that food with similar food composition can have a different metabolic effect on human body this depend on the structure of the food. Because human being may tend to consume different food components at a go and have different nutritional values on the body. Nanotechnology can help in the restructuring of the compositions to improve the nutrient content in them.This is an example of nanotechnology that will make life better.

Application of Nanotechnology in Medicine

The application of nanotechnology in medical fields is known as Nanomedicine. Today diseases like cancer, aids, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases etc. have led to a great struggle for many people with Nanotechnology it will help us to know, learn and understand about their effects on our body cell by cell and also help us eliminate them.

This is a picture showing how nanotechnology help make life better with medicine

This technology will benefit human race where it will help in prevention, early detection and even improved diagnosis of diseases. Also, this technology will help in the repair of broken or damaged tissues.

Application of Electronics

This technology will help in increasing the performance of the electronics we use where they also reduce the size of the devices, increase their memory chips and lower their power consumption.

Application to Water

Nanotechnology will greatly contribute on treating our water supply from organic and inorganic solutes, toxic metal ions and microorganisms. This will greatly improve our lives.

ApplicThis is a picture showing nanotechnology in energy to make life betteration of Nanotechnology in Energy

In order to achieve a sustainable supply of energy, which is provided by our energy supply we need to conserve the energy whenever it is not needed.  Nanotechnology will help in all this. This technology can help in improvement and development of both renewable and conventional energy.